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5 Minutes Breakfast Bowl

– On a budget. On the road. Without a blender –

Since I published my favourite breakfast bowl recipe on my website a week ago, I got some sweet comments on those colourful and oh-so-healthy smoothie bowls.
The bright colours, the different textures and all those funky exotic superfood ingredients…mindblowing!
Oh, and did I mention the help of my superpower Vitamix aka “The Blender“?

I know, I know its not hard to make something look and taste so good if you only had those super fancy machines, acai packs and matcha powders, right?
Its easy to get all those ingredients if you are lucky enough to live in Berlin, New York or somewhere around the 7th district in Vienna where you find organic/vegan supermarkets almost on every corner.
But what about “the others”…?
The ones that maybe don’t even have a hand blender at home…?
Or no speciality markets around the corner, are travelling and don’t have a fully-equipped kitchen around…?
Or simply don’t have extra money to spend on superfoods from Amazonia or tee-powders from Japan…?
Are those excluded from such a nutritious and delicious bowl of Goodness?
I say NO!
And you know why?
Because I had to experience a mild version of those scenarios myself and it made me rethink the complexity of those breakfast creations that I was posting the last days.
Don’t get me wrong – I still love the fact that I have access to those special ingredients and equipment but not everyone is fortunate & geeky enough to search for it or spend hours preparing food.

I went to Vienna to stay at my friends place for a few days before leaving to Berlin again.
I didnt take any equipment with me (although I did consider it for a moment… :-) ) but I did check out some organic supermarkets to see what new products they have but put myself on a mission to only buy one “exotic” ingredient and keep the whole breakfast creation budget friendly.
It needed some serious thinking, imagination and a few compromises before I decided on the following staples (keep in mind that this will make 2 servings or 2 days eating this delicious breakfast parfait):

  • 1 small bag chia seeds (100g): great for those who travel or want to find out if they really like it.
    It was around 3€ so I know – its not cheap but worth trying. Exotic ingredient – check!
  • 250 ml carrot – mango juiceI could have opted for a freshly squeezed orange juice or green smoothie from the bistro as well but that would have cost me double so I decided to save on this one and give the bottled juice a try. Just make sure there is no sugar added!
  • 250 g greek yoghurt: I don’t eat much dairy but I LOVE thick greek yoghurt (I usually go for the 5% or sheep variety). For all the vegans or lactose-free people-> try coconut cream or soy yoghurt (only if you don’t  have any other choice).
  • 1 persimmon and 1 banana (aka fruits of your choice): You will most probably only need half of each so this makes 2 portions as well.
  • 50 g almonds (or any other nuts/seeds you have at home): definitely one of my favourite nut and so versatile. You can roast, chop, blanch or buy them slivered
  • 2 Tbsp dried cranberries (or any other dried fruits you like): goji berries would be my choice but sometimes hard to get and a bit more pricy.

That was it.
Got everything in one supermarket (except for the yoghurt, I already had that one at home) and I spent around €7, which will make 2 brekkies in basically no time and there will be half of the chia seeds left as well.

So, now you wanna know what to do with all that stuff, right?
Put 5 Tbsp or approx. half the bag of chia seeds (50g) along with the dried fruits in a glass container, big enough to fit 250 ml of the juice.
Shake it all up and put it with the lid on in the fridge overnight (or give it at least 20 min to gel up prior serving).

The next morning put a few Tbsp of yoghurt into a bowl or glass jar if you wanna take it to-go, pour half of the chia pudding over it (its gonna be a little runny, so if you like it thicker simply add more chia seeds), chop up the fruits and add them along with the nuts on top of the pudding.
Breakfast is ready!

PS: If you have some extra $$ or wanna be super fancy, drizzle a Tbsp of almond butter ALL. OVER. IT.
It’s gonna change your life forever – trust me on that!