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“A sensual, adventurous and passionate woman who believes in her dreams and visions while striving for growth, improvement and new revelations in life.”

Originally from the countryside in Austria, I started as a chef’s assistant in an organic café in London Marylebone in 2008, while I was studying dance extensively (hip hop, house, breakdance, popping & locking). After I returned to Vienna I was working with the Motto catering company for one season but decided to extend my knowledge and experience in different cuisines, techniques and plant-based cooking abroad. I moved to New York City to continue my dance and yoga studies, worked in various restaurants and attended a culinary school where I eventually gained a Certificate at the Natural Gourmet Institute for plant-based food preparations and holistic health studies. I soaked up all the information and got a clearer vision of what I wanted to do with my cooking / dance career. This lead me back to Europe, working with Jamie Oliver’s head chef in Cornwall, UK at the Watergate Bay Hotel restaurant and  finally ending up in Berlin, Germany at the vegan/organic restaurant La Mano Verde as well as a part-time chef at a raw/vegan cafe in Kreuzberg.
Beginning of 2011 I became one of the main chefs for the caterings and weekly brunch at the first European vegan supermarket Veganz, where I was also in charge of the dessert selection and teaching regular raw food workshops in Germany & Austria.

2013 I made my first trip to Hawaii and it had a big (sweet) impact on me.
While I was training with the local hip hop / house dance scene, I was invited to a chocolate convention in Honolulu and met local “bean to bar” chocolatiers who inspired me to pursue my career as a (raw) pastry chef and taking my skills and passion to the next level!
This decision lead me to Belfast, Maine where I was working at Matthew Kenney‘s restaurant The Gothic as the head pastry chef and experienced what I would call the dream of my (kitchen) life:
Hiking, swimming, yoga and dance training in the morning and for the rest of the day: crafting the future of food with an amazing team, local ingredients and modern-day equipment (anti-griddle, smoking gun, paco jet, isi whip etc).

2014 I spent most of my time on the other side of the world…
Practising Ashtanga yoga 6 days a week at Power Living Australia and working as an assistant pastry chef at the plant-based Vegie bar in Melbourne where I had the pleasure working alongside a talented pastry chef from the Four Seasons Hotel in Boston, creating vegan, gluten-free and raw desserts. Followed by a 3 months yoga, surf & work – experience in Bali where I learned about Indonesian dishes and their health properties, visited the biggest chocolate bamboo factory and assisted an Ayurvedic yoga retreat catering.

I have also been taking care of clients from various backgrounds (athletes, yogis, students, dancers, designers,…) for the past 4 years, helping to regain their health, improving eating habits and providing an eating / exercise plan to get their bodies (back) in shape.

Now based in Berlin, my culinary career and passion for travel, cultures, movement and different cuisines is still leading me to various destinations around the world to learn and study more about dance, yoga, nutrition and holistic health while offering my expertise and experience in those fields.


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