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Amsterdam Impressions


I just got back from Amsterdam and I brought some magical ingredients with me.
But before I start telling you more about it – I wanna thank everyone who has been part of my short vacation, for making this trip so special and for lending me their ears to listen, shoulders to lean on, beds to share, mouths to fill and kitchens to mess up with mashed avocado, melted chocolate blobs and red beet stains on the kitchen towel(s).

Most people I have met for the first time, others have either been a friend, sister and inspiration for a very long time or it was only the second encounter after more than a year.
I dont have words that can express how grateful I am for being taken in like family and introduced to friends, brothers, cats and neighbours. Thank you everyone!

But now to the „serious(-ly awesome)“ part of this post -> F.O.O.D.


Of course I didnt go to Amsterdam just to stare at all those handsome people, get hit by a bike or seduced by the smell of freshly baked bread.
And no, I also didnt smoke or ate a magic cookie. I preferred getting “high” on french/dutch pastries and some ridiculously good raw herbal chocolate concoctions.

BUT … I did bring some truly magical ingredients back to Berlin:

The best Lucuma powder (ever)
Yakon syrup
coffee extract
a sweet chestnut spread from France
and …

A medicinal mushroom. A parasite that is growing on birch trees. The „King of Plants“. And a tea that tastes like vanilla and goes really well with almond milk, honey and cacao butter.

It took me the whole week to search for it, find a place who sells it (but didnt have it in stock when I got there), beg them to call my friend as soon as it arrives so she can send it, get a last minute notice that it has been delivered (from the polish woods) earlier than expected, rush through the city in the rain before closing time to finally crash into the shop and hold the magic piece of wood or actually fungus in my hand.

That was a truely emotional moment, especially after the guy from „Edel wijs“ (really cool herbal, roots and mushroom healing store) explained and made me realize once again, how powerful and unique Chaga is.

So now I am on a mission … and I will keep you updated about my first elixier that I am going to simmer in a 5 liter pot of water overnight. Tonight. Stay tuned!
If you wanna know more about the healing benefits of this medicinal mushroom please read here.

But besides the mushroom magic (how many more times can I say „magic“ in this post until I lose your attention?)  I also have some other cool news:

Over the past few weeks I got more and more requests to post some easy, simple and practically raw recipes for every day life that I have shared with family, friends, business partners and random people at dinner parties and they were always a true revelation and positive surprise for everyone.

This chapter and homage goes to one of my all time favourite and super versatile ingredients:

(white) almond butter

almond milk

There are different kinds of almond/nut butters out there.
Raw, blanched, roasted, with or without skin, salted, sweetened and stretched with different oils.
I would advise you to invest a few more $ or € to get the (blanched or raw) white almond butter or unsalted/unsweetened pure nut butters without added fats – it’s definitely worth it!
And if you wanna try a slightly different flavour with the same recipe measurements, you can also try (raw) unroasted cashew butter.

I attached the recipe file in this post but you will soon be able to find them in the „Recipe“ section above.
Almond butter recipes

Now go and treat yourself to a jar of delicious and creamy almond butter and introduce a new ingredient in your household staples.

Thank you everyone for your support and interest in my work, for love and connection all over the world!
Truly blessed and happy to share it all with you!
Shoot me a mail if you have questions regarding recipes, ingredients or any other food related topics.

-> raw.berlin@gmail.com