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Aquafaba Chocolate Chickpea Cake

To be honest, I am still kinda blown away by the result of this (birthday) cake that uses a technique I only heard about two months ago called aquafaba (there is now an official definition of this word!)
This process uses the liquid of a can of chickpeas which gets whipped up to stiff peaks, sugar is added to create a “meringue” and you can basically use it like egg whites in your baked goods. MIND-BLOWING!
I was browsing through this Facebook group called “Vegan Meringue – Hits and Misses!” for a few weeks now to see what people come up with and how the results turn out. Surprisingly a lot turned out pretty  close to the “original”, non-vegan version but I was still kind of intrigued and didnt really have an inspiration for a recipe I wanted to try.
But then there was a big birthday party this weekend and since I have the reputation but also the self-chosen “responsibility” to bring some kinda funky cake, I took it as an opportunity to try this whole aquafaba thing.


Not really a smart idea to play around with a new ingredient, technique and recipe for the first time when you are expected to deliver a banging birthday cake for 20 people 3 hours later but thats just how I work I guess.
I need a little adrenalin rush and fire under my a** to get the best out of me.
And I have to say…it works all the time!

My “only” requirements for this cake were: vegan. gluten-free. soy-free. white sugar-free and well… crap-free. Easy, no?!?! :-)

I also wanted to use the leftover chickpeas from the can instead of the usual flour and chia/flax “eggs”, so basically treating a can of beans like you would use eggs (yolks & whites separated). I also posted a recipe for Chocolate – Chickpea Brownies a while ago (waaaaay before there existed something like aquafaba) so it was a no-brainer to combine these 2 approaches and keep my fingers crossed that it works out.
Well okay, I have to say I nailed it :-)
But because I didnt expect any of this to happen I, of course, did not write down any measurements the first time I made it but after getting two cake orders at the party and 20 requests on the Facebook Page I decided to go back into the kitchen and figure this thing out. And yes, my memories were sharper than I expected and I am really happy to say that I can share this recipe here with you today!

Keep in mind that this is only the CAKE recipe, for the frosting you can either whip up some coconut cream and add melted dark chocolate, you can use one of the recipes on the  Aquafaba Facebook page or you try what I did (without measurements again): Use another aquafaba base, add melted dark chocolate and powdered coconut sugar, sea salt and almond butter and call it a day.
Worked perfectly and tasted…OUT OF THIS WORLD!
So here we go:

Fluffy Chocolate Chickpea Cake

150 g aquafaba (liquid from 1 can of chickpeas)
100 g raw or coconut sugar (powdered)
pinch of salt

260 g chickpeas (from 1 can, drained)
160 coconut sugar
80 g coconut milk
100 g coconut oil

120 g almond flour
30 g cacao powder
80 g buckwheat flour
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
pinch salt

Beat the aquafaba in a standing mixer until fluffy (about 7 minutes).
Add powdered sugar and salt and beat for another 3 minutes.

In a blender combine the chickpeas, coconut sugar, -milk and – oil and mix until smooth.
Add to the aquafaba along with the sifted flower mix and carefully fold together.

Bake in a 180°C pre-heated oven for about 35 – 40 Minutes.
Let cool completely.
The cake should be high enough to cut in half and fill with the frosting but you can also just top it with the filling / mousse and garnish with fresh berries and more chocolate shavings.

I hope you have as much fun playing around with this recipe as I did and please feel free to share & tag the recipe with #rawfreestyle on your blog / page or Instagram account and let me know how it turned out!