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Back in Berlin (for now)

Yes, I made it back to the big B and I can’t be any happier!

I had no idea how it /I will feel after such a long (and unexpected) time  in Hawaii, LA, Olympia, New York and Belfast, ME to come back to my old “home” and see all my friends, work colleagues and fellow travel buddies again…but I was welcomed with open arms and soon realized that I am not done with Berlin, yet.

I am facing – again – the stage between being ready for take off while preparing myself for the “corporate pastry chef” position at Matthew Kenney Cuisine in Santa Monica, LA or opening up to new opportunities, relationships and experiences while I am here in Berlin.

It can be tricky and challenging at times, especially because I realize more and more that maybe it doesn’t even need a decision between either the one or the other but more an open mind (and heart) to accept and embrace both  – the unknown and the familiar/comfortable/safe side of life.


To bring it to the point…

The reasons for this post and “explanation” of my present situation are the following:

  • I want to CREATE
  • I want to COLLABORATE
  • I want to SHARE and SPREAD my ideas, experiences and skills

To be even more clear:

I want to make/offer/promote and teach you all about RAW FREESTYLE desserts  & indulgent hot drinks at its best!

From pralines to espresso espuma, almond-maca-chaga elixiers and “hot chocolate” to tonka-vanilla bean cheesecakes, premium Matcha tea and much more …


My goal is to combine my interest and passion for delicious and indulgent desserts, foreign flavor combinations & ingredients as well as longevity, physical and mental health, the physics of food and simply the joy of eating.

I am open for any kind of event/workshop/demonstration/cooking session or private catering that supports and appreciates the quality and delicacy of the finest ingredients (organic, unprocessed/unrefined) as well as the interest in a new culinary world (molecular gastronomy, raw food cuisine) and willingness to experience real FOODGASM :-)


Feel free to contact me via e-mail or phone


0049 – (0)1525 – 7406648


100% sugar-, grain-/gluten-, dairy- and soy free


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