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5 Minutes Breakfast Bowl

– On a budget. On the road. Without a blender – Since I published my favourite breakfast bowl recipe on my website a week ago, I got some sweet comments on those colourful and oh-so-healthy smoothie bowls. The bright colours, the different textures and all those funky exotic superfood ingredients…mindblowing! Oh, and did I mention the help of my superpower Vitamix… Continue reading

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Smoothie Bowl Goodness

Good morning people, Winter is here! … and with here I mean my current home base(s) in Austria/Germany where I am partly staying at my family’s house on the countryside as well as in Vienna for work collaborations with Green Smooch, AdHocPad and Olympus Camera Playground and of course in Berlin for other fun events with NIKE… Continue reading

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More Matcha love

Recently my friend Coco came to visit me for 2 weeks from Japan and besides having the best time ever here in Bali, she also brought me some ridiculously good and fresh ceremonial grade Matcha from the Uji region in Kyoto (alongside many other japanese sweets & a beautiful authentic Matcha bowl as seen on the… Continue reading

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Matcha Latte

After starting my day with a warm, nourishing and super-healthy Matcha Latte with home-made nut milk, I felt the obligation to post the recipe straight away so you have the chance to share the excitement with me. You can actually start with the preparation right now (which is nothing more than soaking the nuts for a couple of hours),… Continue reading


Wild Greens. Pineapple. Lime

Ingredients (makes about 1.5 liters): half a cucumber 1-2 celery stalks 2 handfull mixed greens (wild herbs, nettles, dandelions, spinach, chard, kale…) juice of 2 limes piece of ginger and turmeric (if available) 1 banana 250 g frozen pineapple 500 ml fresh unpasteurized coconut water or regular filtered water Blend everything in a high-speed blender


Mango. Hemp. Bee pollen

Ingredients: 1 cup frozen mango 2 Tbsp shelled hemp seeds 1 Tbsp Hemp protein powder (I used 2 Tbsp “Out of the woods“) 1 EL Bee pollen 5 drops Stevia (liquid) 15o – 200 ml water Blend everything in a high speed blender and enjoy.