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Chocolate Mousse

I will keep it short this time and only inform you that I just made the best chocolate mousse ever (and I made a lot of them).
Traditional french ones with eggs, cream and dark chocolate – I love the fluffy texture from the egg whites, feels like eating air … well, kind of … rich and fat chocolate air to be percise -> Heaven on Earth!
Then I made the same recipe but with coconut cream instead to have a dairy-free option which turned out pretty good, too.
I tried vegan ones with silken tofu, cocoa powder and agave (don’t do it!!!) and of course the classic raw chocolate mousse with avocado, dates and raw cacao powder.
Also not really a favourite as they are all super basic and in my opinion lacking refinement and flavour (fat in form of coconut oil or even better – cacao butter )
I did play around with the raw version for a while and added white almond butter, coconut oil, different sweeteners and some spices to pimp it a bit which turned out pretty good but not perfect.
And then … just one chilly and grey Sunday afternoon in Austria, I decided to try a combination of all the techniques and ingredients from these 3 recipes and create (in my opinion) the best chocolate mousse I’ve ever made.
And it happens to be vegan, dairy-free and a raw superfood ingredient as an extra energy boost is added!


daily reminder to eat my vegetables

I will quickly explain every ingredient so you understand every component of the recipe and you can adjust if necessary.

Dark chocolate: I used 70% Vivani couverture but feel free to choose your favourite brand that has at least 70% cacao mass or more (I highly recommend Lindt, Dagobar, Green & Blacks and Valhrona)

 Silken tofu: make sure its organic, GMO free and really silken not soft or medium or whatsoever…its gonna taste too tofu-y and the texture just won’t be right

Avocado: the hass variety is the best one, make sure they are soft but not off :-)

Plant milk: I love homemade almond and brazil nut milk but you can also use (store-bought) coconut, hazelnut or any other vegan milk substitute. Try combining rice milk with another nut milk as its too watery on its own but adds a really mellow sweetness.


Maple syrup: one of my favourite sweeteners and it goes really well with chocolate. I also like coconut syrup (not nectar) or honey. Use Grade B maple syrup or dark (buckwheat) honey for a richer and deeper flavour.

Medjool dates: the queen of the dates! originally from the Middle East but now pretty much everywhere available (you can find them in the bulk section at organic grocery stores and some convenient stores will have them already packaged). They are juicy, creamy, caramel-y and add a great texture to the mousse if soaked in warm liquid for at least 20 minutes (you can use the soaking liquid as well!)

Raw cacao: don’t mix it up with cocoa powder. This version of “cacao” is roasted at high temperatures and extracted almost completely from the good oils (cacao butter), left over is an over-processed (alkalised) powder that adds some flavour but no nutritional values.
I consider raw cacao a “superfood” because of  its high level of antioxidants and phenylethylamine, a chemical compound that possesses unique mood enchanting effects.
Read more about the differences between raw cacao and cocoa here and get more information about the medicinal benefits here!
You will taste and feel how powerful raw cacao … Pay the extra bucks, it’s worth it!

raw cacao

raw cacao beans

Vanilla: I prefer using fresh vanilla beans, scraped out and the empty pod added to a jar of coconut sugar or honey for flavour.
If you are in the US you can also use vanilla extract but its rather difficult to find it in Germany/Austria so I would stick with the fresh ones or make your own extract. Please don’t use vanilla essence, vanillin or vanilla sugar. Its crap. Thats all.

vanilla extract

homemade vanilla extract

Salt: a seemingly small component but so important. Use a good amount of the best sea or rock salt you can find – it enhances the dark and sweet flavour of the chocolate and gives it a “round” mouthfeel.

Now let’s make some space for the actual recipe and I encourage you to play around with different chocolate brands, spices (smoked chilli, cinnamon, tonka bean or ginger) and plant milks. Have fun!



Chocolate Mousse

200 g dark chocolate (70% or more)
200 g silken tofu
1 medium, soft avocado (approx.80 g)
150 – 200 g plant milk
2 Tbsp raw cacao powder
125 ml maple or coconut syrup OR
6 Medjool dates, soaked in the warm plant milk for 20 min
1 vanilla bean, scraped
a good pinch of salt

Melt the chocolate in a double boiler (make sure the bowl doesn’t touch the water) and stir regularly.
In a blender combine all the ingredients except the milk.
Start on low speed and keep adding the milk until its all combined and blended to a smooth texture.
You might have to stop the blender once in a while, scrape down the sides and check the consistency (keep adding more liquid if needed).

Transfer the mousse into a container, cover and refrigerate at least 4 hours or ideally overnight.
Fill the mousse into a piping bag and layer in a small glass your choice of coconut cream, yoghurt, cookie crumbs, nuts and fruits.



You can also quenelle the mousse (for the nerds) and serve with fresh fruits (I like berries, figs or cherries) and some roasted nuts or raw cacao nibs for a crunchy texture.


For the purists…just eat it plain with a big spoon straight out of the container :-)