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Pb Cup Ice cream

Everyone who know me or at least has read about my fascination with sweets & desserts is familiar with my Reese’s Peanutbutter Cup obsession (or at least after this post you are).
It’s not that I just really like them – no, I obsessively adore them.
Especially and primarily the little ones, individually wrapped (which creates far too much trash and if you carefully read the ingredients list you will notice the trashiness there as well).
But still…I am a Reese’s pieces girl and I just love everything about them.
I must admit, there is a little stereotypical food story involved which started – unsurprisingly – in New York where I had my first encounter with Skippys Peanut butter (the king of trashiness) that I used to eat straight out of the jar in my first apt in Astoria, Queens almost 8 years ago.
An innocent young European girl, who was spending all her money on dance classes & the rest of her time at hip hop jams literally had no idea that the combination of Pb, banana & honey (and later chocolate as well) will change her life forever.
It was the moment I fell in love with that very unique taste and actually quite unpleasant texture that makes it almost impossible for you to swallow but gives you a feeling of…comfort.
Yes, thats what Pb is for me – eating like no one’s watching.
Spooning out that creamy paste while still in your PJs and not quite ready yet for breakfast…
Or (even better) chilling in bed, watching youtube videos in the middle of the night while tucking into a tube of Ben & Jerry’s Peanutbutter Cup Ice Cream, hoping that you won’t wake up in a huge sticky mess the next morning cause you obviously don’t switch on the lights at that unreasonable time.
Anyways, you get the idea.
I love that stuff.
But here is the thing…although I am eating primarily heaps of nutritious, healthy, green & plant-based meals and snacks throughout the day, I am still not a girl of austerity or dogmatic rituals.
I eat what and when I please and I will never think twice about a freshly baked croissant, a rich chocolate mousse, a bowl of creamy stracciatella ice cream or nutella & banana for breakfast.
Thats just not my style and way of living – I don’t like restrictions, rules or prohibitions.
I always tell my clients when it comes to food & exercise: Do what feels good for your body and your soul, listen to the signs that tell you: Move!, Eat Salad!, Relax! Goforthechocolate! Haveaburger! …. or simply Donttakeeeverythingsodamnseriously! – chill girl and enjoy life :-)

And along that message I am also sharing with you my 5 minutes vegan (or not) recipe for …

Peanutbutter – Chocolate – Banana Ice Cream
with cacao nibs and sea salt  flakes


I won’t put exact measurements in this recipe cause you basically can’t screw up this “dish”.
It’s as trashy as it sounds and you should play by your own rules and throw in as many extra topping as you want.
There is only one step to plan ahead of time before putting it all in a blender and call it “soft serve” but other than that it’s neither difficult nor time consuming (unless you wanna make your own peanut butter cups – in that case check out the link below).


  • Frozen bananas – it’s important to use very ripe ones, ideally with a few brown spots. Simply peel, chop and freeze in a plastic bag overnight. (I used approx 3 for this recipe). Prep step number 1 – check!
  • Plant milkmake your own nut milk or use any kind of soy, almond, rice, oat or coconut milk
  • Peanut butter – I prefer a “natural” crunchy one like this (EU) or any of these ones (US) but go for the brand that you love most. You can also use almond butter for this.
  • Peanut butter cups – use the original REESE’S Pb cups, buy the vegan version or make your own from this super simple recipe here. If you can’t find (vegan) pb cups and you are too lazy to make your own, just use a good quality chocolate bar with some kind of filling or flavour you like.
  • Salt – I used very good quality sea salt flakes but feel free to use himalayan, fleur de sel or any other type of salt you like
  • Raw cacao nibs – They are optional but add so much depth and earthy bitterness to the velvety texture of the ice cream. If you don’t find any cacao nibs you can also use roughly chopped dark chocolate (at least 80% works best)
  • Optional additions: swirl in melted chocolate sauce or more peanut butter, drizzle with honey, add some roasted and roughly chopped peanuts, a pinch of cinnamon, caramelised bananas or toasted coconut flakes.

You will need a (high-speed) blender for this recipe or a really good food processor.
Start with about 1 cup of plant milk, add the frozen bananas, 1-2 Tbsp peanut butter and about 10 peanut butter cups.
Blend until creamy and add more liquid if needed (you will have to use the tamper for the Vitamix or stop and scrape from time to time with your food processor).
Add some cacao nibs and a good pinch of salt and blend again for 10 seconds.
Scoop into a big bowl, add another 5-10 roughly chopped peanut butter cups and a little more cacao nibs and sea salt to taste.
This is also the time to stir in as many other toppings as you like.
Eat straight away as a soft serve or put it back into the freezer for a few hours to harden.


Here is a link to this year’s Huffington Post article and recipe collection on “Vegan Dessert Recipes That Even Butter Lovers Will Crave” that features 2 of my blog recipes and also inspired me to create a peanut butter dessert that everyone will crave! Happy Holidays :-)