Raw Freestyle


Dessert Workshop

I am very happy to announce my first official Raw Freestyle Dessert Workshop in Berlin this year!
A group of awesome ladies got together and started the initial idea and now there are 5 more spots left to join in and learn more about desserts in the most natural form (unprocessed and plant based).
There will be some roasted and baked items involved ’cause hazelnuts are just so much better with a little sunburnt :-)
It will take place on the 21. February at the awesome location LIV in Prenzlauer Berg (right after the Superfood Day Event) and I will share some recipes, ingredients, dishes and techniques that I have learned, practised, collected and discovered along my journey the past years through Mexico, Bali, Australia, Hawaii, LA, Maine, New York and Europe.

Please sign up here and feel free to drop me a line if you have further questions!

I attached the menu as a pdf file so you can easily read and forward it!

Lets do this!
Lets eat sweets!