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Grain-free Maki Rolls


I am currently experimenting with my diet and training habits as I am curious how my physical and mental health will change/benefit/suffer while I am preparing for some big changes in my life.

It was one of those moments where I just felt that I wanted to switch up something, not because I am unhealthy or think I should (spring detox everywhere) but simply because I like (and try to embrace) CHANGE through many different actions in my life (yes, it does make me feel anxious and uncomfortable at times…but thats part of the game :-) )
I believe that I am growing when I am putting myself into new situations, when I am facing fears and insecurities, when I practice “not knowing”, when I am being the kid that wants to explore and has no fear or bias about the outcome.
I love the feeling of breaking (my own) rules and chains of conformity…questioning the “whys” and “hows” and reaching to a higher power that lies within ALL OF US!

And without making a big thing out of what I eat or don’t eat, I just want to present you a great recipe that is free of grains, beans/lentils, sugar, soy and dairy.
Its simple and you can put in pretty much anything you like (I love to add smoked salmon or scrambled eggs!)

Maki rolls

  • Nori sheets
  • for the “rice” simply pulse jicama or kohlrabi with cashew or pine nuts, season with salt, lemon juice and a little honey OR
  • blend 1 small banana (i know it sounds weird but it tastes great) with 1 celery stalk, salt, lemon juice and almond/cashew butter for a smooth spread
  • veggies of your choice (cucumber, peppers, carrot, radish, beets, avocado, roasted veggies/pumpkin/sweet potato, greens and sprouts, different herbs (i love cilantro and thai basil)
  • toppings: dried fruits (gojis are great), nuts & seeds

Again, you can leave this wrap vegan/vegetarian or you can add some tofu/tempeh, (smoked/cooked/raw) fish, prepared meat or scrambled eggs (or anything else that suits your lifestyle)


I am using this blog to not only share recipes but also voice my flexibility and receptiveness in the food industry and that I am not the best person to be put into a box or category.

I want to surprise myself and encourage you, too to step out of your own little box (we all have it) and allow yourself to grow by changing little things in your life like getting up early if you tend to sleep in late (or in my case: go out at a time where I am usually already comfortable in my PJs with a cup of tea & a book), cut your hair or put on some make-up if thats something you usually don’t do. Wear sneakers when you are used to wearing high heels (in my case: dress a little more feminine when you go out and swap the Quicksilver shirts for a nice dress).
I love how food can be used (consciously) as one of those tools that immediately make us feel a certain way. And yes, it may sound crazy but as important it is for me to encourage people who don’t eat a lot of healthy/nutritious food to try some of my recipes or in general adapt a more plant-based lifestyle I also encourage the “health nuts” (including myself) to occasionally eat a piece of cake and chill.

I hope I could give you a little inspiration and gentle push to try something new today.
I finish off this post with some of the best “meals” I had 2013 in Hawaii where the inspiration of my career started…

Thank you for reading, lots of love and encouragement to all of you!