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More Matcha love

Recently my friend Coco came to visit me for 2 weeks from Japan and besides having the best time ever here in Bali, she also brought me some ridiculously good and fresh ceremonial grade Matcha from the Uji region in Kyoto (alongside many other japanese sweets & a beautiful authentic Matcha bowl as seen on the first picture).
I have tried a lot of different kinds and grades the past years but this was definitely the best so far.
Bright, green colour, frothy and flavourful without that bitter note that seems to be characteristic for green tea but apparently not for the best ceremonial grades.
The first two servings I made, I shared with my friend on the yoga deck and accidentally spilled the last sip which created one of the most beautiful colour contrasts…


The following days I got a bit more creative with a less refined but still pretty good quality powder that is more suitable (and affordable) for (milk)shakes, ice cream and baking. The ceremonial grade I usually drink pure or blended with a splash of soy milk and date paste for a creamy and nutritious breakfast beverage.

Pure Matcha tea


Vanilla bean ice cream with hot Matcha swirl and  Matcha – White chocolate pieces


Pure Matcha with mini red bean mochi


Mochi soaking up the last drops of Matcha on the bottom of my new Kyoto-style bowl


Coconut water, ice, Matcha and a lil coconut sugar


“Classic” Matcha latte with soy milk and dates


Homemade coconut ice cream (frozen coconut meat, coconut water & simple syrup) blended with cooking Matcha



As you can see (once again) I am now officially a Matcha nerd and also a tiny bit more obsessed with that awesome green stuff but trust me, its worth every extra cent you put in to get the best quality (and its so much fun!)

Contact me if you want more information on recipes, brands and where to order in your country.