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Smoothie Bowl Goodness

Good morning people,

Winter is here!
… and with here I mean my current home base(s) in Austria/Germany where I am partly staying at my family’s house on the countryside as well as in Vienna for work collaborations with Green Smooch, AdHocPad and Olympus Camera Playground and of course in Berlin for other fun events with NIKE & BOLD.

Last year I was in Mexico at that time and the year before in Hawaii so I know that not everyone refers to thick socks, hot chocolate and bowls of soup when it hits the month of December.
But well, for now thats what it is for me and most of my European and US East Coast friends.
Lets make the best out of it, right?!
And what’s better than starting the day with a colourful, nutritious, fun and energising bowl of healthy goodness, right?!?

So….I would like to introduce you to SMOOTHIE BOWLS

Matcha-Kaki Bowl_2
A combination of one or more layers of different smoothies, (chia) puddings, (coconut or greek) yoghurt and toppings of your choice.
It sounds more elaborate than it actually is and I will talk you through step by step so you are prepared to jump out of bed at 6 am (erm…yeah, sure), excited to get into the kitchen blending, mixing, spooning and devouring bowl after bowl, every.single.morning. (in less than 10 minutes – promise!!!)

I had my first Acai Bowl in Brazil almost 6 years ago, when I was living in Salvador and picked up a to-go cup topped with yoghurt & granola on the way to the capoeira training on the beach every morning … HEAVEN!!!
I almost forgot about it until I moved back to New York 2 years later where I saw frozen acai packs at Wholefoods Market and my foodie/yogi people were already going crazy over it.
It was pretty expensive compared to my breakfast bowls in Brazil but at least I was re-united with my favourite berry that has a very distinct and a little sour taste.
The natural sweetness of orange or apple juice is the perfect match for it (coconut water is great, too!)
Two years ago I spent my winter on Oahu & Kauai and found a little smoothie bar/healthy lunch cafe in Honolulu after a hike at Diamond Head State Monument where I had … The Best Acai Bowl Ever!
The one at the Diamond Head Cove Health Bar was also topped with Pa’i’ai (traditional Hawaiian pounded taro, fermented and considered as Superfood), local honey & bee pollen which simply blew my mind!


Acai Bowl in Honolulu

A week later I was travelling with my boyfriend at that time around the North Shore and we found this really cute cafe/organic store called Beet Box and guess what…they had a bomb acai bowl as well.
For one week I would only eat there every morning and soon realised how much more energy I had (and I already had a lot…haha!)
I love the dessert-y element about it and that it was full of nutrition that would fill me up and make me happy all day (or at least until I got another bowl in the morning).
For me, texture is key so you get a bit of everything:
The creamy acai base, the crunchy granola, the soft bananas and juicy strawberries and some extra funkiness from the bee pollen & hemp seeds.
But as we all know, Brazil and Hawaii are not around the corner for most people so I decided to create my own tropical breakfast bowl and take it (the recipe) with me wherever I go.
The good thing is, even if you don’t have access to acai packs, you can substitute it with pretty much any frozen berry.
I like to use a mix of blueberries, raspberries, strawberries and blackberries.


Acai – Persimmon – Spinach

I usually make the base(s) the night before and store them in glass jars in the fridge.
Most smoothies & puddings last for 2-3 days so its no problem making double batch and just assemble them in the morning.

Matcha-Kaki Bowl

Persimmon – Matcha  Kale

You can really go wild and try different fruit combinations, play around with consistencies (frozen banana for an ice-cream like texture, chia for jelly and nut butters for creaminess).
I am also including ingredients that I usually wouldn’t put into a breakfast bowl as such (think kale, spinach or spirulina) but you are getting huge health benefits from the chlorophyll and I promise it doesn’t taste “grassy” at all. Check out this great article here.
For the base you can alterate between (coconut) water, cooled teas, fruit juices or nut milks.


Berry Chia – Hemp Spinach

Ok, I am not gonna let you wait any longer.
Here is my favourite breakfast bowl recipe (and I will keep adding more!)
Check in on my blog or follow me on Instagram where I am posting some food inspirations almost daily!


Acai bowl with Matcha – Chia Pudding

(serves 2)

Acai layer:
1 pack of frozen acai (available at Veganz in Germany & Vienna, as well as online here)
2 handful mixed frozen berries (if you don’t have Acai just add more berries)
250 – 300 ml orange or apple juice (depends on how thick you want it)
1 banana (frozen)

Mix everything in a high speed blender and serve immediately or transfer into a glass jar and put into the fridge for up to 2 days.

Matcha – layer

300 ml almond milk
2 small very ripe bananas (fresh or frozen)
100 ml prepared matcha -> follow these instructions
1 handful of fresh spinach
squeeze of lime or lemon
4 Tbsp Chia seeds

Blend all the ingredients except the chia seeds until creamy but not too thick (add more or less milk until the desired consistency).
Add the chia seeds and blend again for a few seconds.
Transfer into a container or glass jar and store for at least 30 minutes or overnight.

Add the acai smoothie (as much as you like) at the bottom of a bowl or glass jar and top with the chia pudding.
Add some sliced bananas, fresh berries or any other fruits and toppings of your choice e.g.

chopped nuts
pumpkin, sunflower or hemp seeds
raw cacao nibs
coconut flakes / chips (I like them slightly toasted)
bee pollen
popped amaranth or quinoa
dried fruits
goji berries

There are basically no restrictions so play around and find something you enjoy :-)