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Black Bean Brownies Pops

Last weekend the first Superfood Day, a workshop series that covers topics from cold-pressed juices to vegan superfoods, the paleo lifestyle, spring & filter water as well as the differences between raw and roasted cacao, took place at the speciality food store/cafe LIV in Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. Benjamin Joon initiated this wonderful event and his ability and sensibility… Continue reading

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Bali sweets

Hello! and welcome back to my world of sweet treats, desserts and of course…chocolate! It’s been a while that I have posted a recipe or a story around creating desserts but I guess life sometimes has other plans and you shall not question or disturb them I am still in Bali, I did have some… Continue reading

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Bali. Chocolate. Truffles.

I am in Bali right now and I am the happiest kid on the block. Its magical here. The nature is stunning, the food is deeply nourishing & flavourful, the Balinese are some funny folks that surprise me every single day with their cheeky humour and the people I am surrounded with are just amazing… Continue reading