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The best Matcha Latte in NYC

So…I went on a mission!
And it wouldn’t be me if this mission didn’t involve food, right?
Well, actually this post is about a drink. But not just A drink. It’s about “the best matcha latte in town”.
This mission has been part of my work research trip as much as my personal interest that I am happy to share with you today so you know where to go and what to expect when you are in NYC next time (or happen to live in my favourite city).

My first stop was Chalait – a new coffee / tea place that I first saw on Instagram a few months ago and knew that I had to try it out. The store has beautiful interior, very clean and bright although I don’t think the location is the best (corner 7th & Christopher Street) as its always busy and crowded so not a typical cafe you wanna spend a few hours talking, reading and sipping on coffee – or tea, of course. But then again, we are talking about New York and not Vienna …
I had the pleasure to share my first cup of matcha latte with almond milk after an intense but energising Strala Yoga class with a girl that I “met” on Facebook a while ago and we immediately clicked so we had to meet and share what we both love most – yoga & food. The Matcha was delicious. Creamy almond milk, not too sweet, great matcha flavour and cute heavy cups to sip from. Definitely going back!


Another revelation of matcha, acai bowls, coffee, avocado toast and more was this cute cafe Two Hands in Little Italy. It’s the perfect spot for a girls brunch on Sunday and I really enjoyed every bite and sip. The matcha with almond milk was good, but not strong enough for me. The acai bowl on the other hand was outstanding! I can only recommend this place but make sure you get there before 10 am otherwise you have to wait in line and its a small waiting area outside 😉 PS: They put some cinnamon on the matcha which was a bit irritating for me and not so sure if I liked it but get your own impression and try it out!


Next stop: Ground Support. My friend Asil took me there years ago on his lunch break and I had one of the best cofffees in New York there. No joke. The place is known by coffee nerds and they also have matcha now. Of course I had high hopes that it would blow me away equally as their coffee but unfortunately this was the most disappointing matcha latte I had. It was more like flavoured almond milk but no real matcha taste whatsoever. It was also the most expensive one (5,25 $). Too bad cause the atmosphere is actually quite nice if its not too packed. Next time I will get my coffee again.


My last and favourite stop was the one place I was most excited about. I heard so much about it as its the first Matcha bar in NYC (Brooklyn) and they also serve hemp milk alongside almond and soy. They also have a cinnamon – hemp matcha latte (still don’t get it) so I just ordered it without the cinnamon. The hemp milk was super creamy, not sweet at all (I added a little raw sugar to balance out the bitterness of the hemp milk & the matcha) and by far I enjoyed and liked the place in combination with the matcha most. Super comfortable interior, nice and helpful staff, a small selection of sweets: matcha doughnut holes, matcha macaroons – I think they were even raw, matcha granola, matcha biscotti  and some other small bites. I spent there an hour by myself, writing, sipping on my hot drink and looking out of the window (my 3 favourite things to do :-) ). Its not a busy or “interesting” area as its on a side street in Williamsburg but it’s still charming and allows you to calm down and take a little break from the crazy city.


There is actually one more thing I didn’t tell you (yet) and also didnt take a picture of as I really didnt expect this to be anything special but well…it was. A few years ago when I was living in NYC, I discovered Matcha at the Wholefoods Market coffee store Allegro. For some reason it wasn’t written on the main board (and it still isn’t – I wonder why?!?) but I knew they had matcha there but changed the unsweetened version to the sweetened one. I stopped drinking it cause it really wasn’t more than just sugar, cheap matcha powder and watery almond milk – yuk! So this time I asked again and to my surprise they had the unsweetened version again so I ordered it with almond milk. Some of the baristas don’t really know how to prepare it properly (sorry, no offense guys, just my experience) so when you get your latte you still have junks of matcha powder swimming around which is really not a good way to serve or drink it. I kindly asked the barista to just blend it up as its not properly incorporated in the milk and i don’t know what she did but somehow she fixed it. And oh boy let me tell you…this was one good matcha latte. I might have to say – the best! Again, I ordered it unsweetened and it was pretty strong – even for me – so I added a bit of honey (they also have free agave, raw sugar and stevia) and I was a happy camper! For some reason I have the feeling this is some kind of “insider” as I havent found many pictures online about the “Allegro Matcha Latte at Wholefoods” either but at least you know now! Spread the information cause I think its worth a try!

And if I inspired you to dive into the whole matcha world now…get yourself a high quality matcha powder and learn how to make my favourite drink at home ->  Follow the instructions here !
To order (within the US) I recommend Panatea, for my fellow German / Austrian people – the Energy Matcha from Teatox is great for every day use and for European and International shipping try Aiya … or check out my favourite matcha place in Berlin Macha Macha.


I hope you got some useful information out of this post and you will give my favourite drink a try next time you are in New York. But please – stay away from the Starbucks Matcha Latte – its full of crap! Grab one to go from The Wholefoods Market or take some time off to head to Williamsburg with your laptop (or notebook with a pen for all the old school peeps) and enjoy a Matcha Latte with non-dairy milk and just a tiny bit of sweetener.